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Almost 70 percent of all website traffic goes through a mobile device. Obviously, this means that it’s important that your website’s mobile response is a great experience for your customers.

Stop Paying Monthly Payments

Did you know you can stop paying monthly payments and can buy your website for a one-time cost? It’s true. This is because Everything Websites only builds 100 percent custom websites.

US-based Customer Service

When you call Everything Websites, you do not get handled by a robotic voice telling you what button to push.

Only to have someone on the other side of the world answer. Instead, you call us and a live human right here in the U.S. answers.

Google AdWords Experts

If you are looking for increased traffic to your website, you should consider employing Google AdWords.

Get Google Reviews

One of the easiest ways to increase search engine ranking for your website is with customer reviews through Google.

The best part is that this service is free. In fact, we highly recommend that you get customer reviews only with Google.